My two friends, Cal and Meagan, were married this past Saturday on the bank of Doctor’s Lake in Jacksonville, FL. Each of their unique personalities and their fantastic love story were honored in some fashion throughout the event – including their enjoyment for Doctor Seuss, whose rhyming style was the basis for their vows.

My brother and I were honored to serve as groomsmen – a service which took me out of primarily making photos. I did successfully sneak in my camera into the venue under the verbal guise of it being a point-and-shoot (one that looks like a 5D Mark II with a 50/1.2 attached). While there were a few times that I fell back into photographer mode, the best man kept me in check. (Thanks, PJ!)

It was a beautiful event honoring a beautiful couple. Congratulations, Findeii! (That would be the plural form of Findeiss, by the way.)

Michael Whitman | Jacksonville, FL

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