Ryan Althaus, right, has been ringing his Salvation Army bell for over 24 hours.

For the last twenty-four hours, pedestrians walking through Fourth Street Live in Louisville, KY have been greeted by the friendly face of my friend Ryan Althaus. Equipped with a mini trampoline, a ustream.tv broadcast set-up, and a strong and committed spirit, Ryan is ringing/hopping towards the hope of making Christmas a little better for a local family. Additionally, if he keps going, he will be a candidate for a new world record for the longest continual ringing of a Salvation Army bell.

While I wouldn’t normally publish an image with one of my strobes included in the frame, this moment was very nice. A group of kids walked by and one girl started hopping along. A great encouragement as Ryan faces his last few hours.

UPDATE: Ryan withstood the cold and constant bouncing for 36 hours and one minute, breaking the current record. Unfortunately, other ringers from around the country kept going. While Ryan will not have the world record, he still raised a ton of cash for charity!
Michael Whitman | Louisville, KY


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