Pines overlook the Beech Flats Prong drainage near Luftee Gap in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the morning of Thursday, March 03, 2012. (Photo by Michael Whitman)


Just returned from a trip down through the Southern Appalachians with a few friends. We hit our destinations at the right time during the weekdays to avoid the Spring Break crowds that have begun to trickle into these areas. Along with taking a few days off from work, it was also a chance to get ready for a few large jobs coming up in the next few months.

Some new cameras have hit the streets …the 5D MkIII looks like its going to be a good successor from the view quick reviews that have been posted. See Ira Block’s initial comments here. A few friends have been working with theirs over the last weekend, so I’m hoping for good reviews from them as well.

Michael Whitman | Louisville, KY

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